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@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ or
## Enable and use `ex` history
(1) Set `ESC` key to enable history or add to `~/.exrc`:
(1) Set `ESC` key to enable history or add to `~/.nexrc`:
:set cedit=<u>&lt;CTRL-V&gt;&lt;ESC&gt;</u>
@ -255,3 +255,26 @@ or
## Integrate with tmux buffer
(1) cut text from current position to mark 'm' into tmux buffer. Hit undo to put text back into vi buffer.
!'mtmux load-buffer -
(2) paste text from tmux buffer into vi buffer.
:r!tmux show-buffer
(3) Map in ~/.nexrc
map gx !'mtmux load-buffer -<u>&lt;CTRL-V&gt;&lt;ENTER&gt;</u>
map gy !'mtmux load-buffer -<u>&lt;CTRL-V&gt;&lt;ENTER&gt;</u>u
map gp :r!tmux show-buffer<u>&lt;CTRL-V&gt;&lt;ENTER&gt;</u>