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# See also
[Edit text with vi(1)]( by Roman Zolotarev<br>
~~[vi is not vim]( by Hugo Daniel~~ (broken link)<br>
[vi is not vim]( by Hugo Daniel (thanx @gaborkiss)<br>
[vi help]( by Jeff W<br>
[vi reference]( by Maarten Litmaath and James Hu<br>
[extremely concise cheatsheet]( by alphanrrrd<br>
~~[extremely concise cheatsheet]( by alphanrrrd~~<br>
[Graphical vi cheatsheet]( by ViEmu<br>
[The vi archive and FAQ]( (a mirror) by Ove Ruben R Olsen<br>
[Annotated .nexrc]( by Sehnsucht<br>