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### Hue API Scripts
All the Python scripts are no longer being worked on and has been replaced by a single Perl script.
The script is []( together with [hue.conf(
$ ./
Usage: hue/ bridge-name [-t type] [-i id] [-s sensor] [-b percent] [-a action] [-v] [-d] [-p]
bridge-name as defined in [HOME]./hue.conf or [HOME]./.hue.conf or /etc/hue.conf
-t | --type [ lights | sensors | groups | all | trigger ] (default: lights)
-i | --id light-id
-s | --sensor sensor-id
-b | --battery percent of battery level to report on, only relevant with sensors
-c | --climate show temperature of sensors in C, only relevant with sensors
-a | --action [ on | off | state | bright | relax | morning | dimmed | evening | nightlight ] (default: state)
-v | --verbose
-d | --debug raw JSON output
-p | --pretty pretty JSON output
Command examples:
hue/ bridge1
Displays all lights of bridge1
hue/ bridge1 -i 8
Check for state of light-id 8
hue/ bridge2 -t lights -i 8 -a bright
Turn on light-id 8 with the scene bright
hue/ bridge2 -t trigger -i 8 -s 34 -a evening
Check for 'dark' state of sensor-id 34, turn on light-id 8 with the scene evening
hue/ bridge1 -t sensors -c
Displays temperature of all sensors in C
Config example:
# huectl,pl config file locations:
# ~/hue.conf, ~/.hue.conf, /etc/hue.conf, ./.hue.conf, ./hue.conf
ip =
token = bridge1token
ip =
token = bridge2token