Minimalist PHP Admin for the Minimalist Mailinglist Manager
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Minimalist Mailinglist Manager

Minimalist Admin is a simple PHP admin for the Mailinglist Manager Minimalist.


  • You are using Minimalist
  • You are using Apache/NGINX or any other webserver that understands PHP
  • You are using PHP 4.1 or higher.

1. Unarchive Minimalist Manager

Make sure that you are in your WWW directory and then unarchive the Minimalist Manager archive (whatever the filename is):

tar -zxvf minimalist-manager-0.6.tgz

2. Configure

Check the file. There you can specify settings that are relevant to your setup.

3. Create list configuration

The list information is taken from the lists.lst file from Minimalist.

In the directory /lists you find 2 files. One .css file in which you can modify the appearance of the subscribe/unsubscribe window. And one config file, in which relevant information which describes the mailinglist.

You have to create at least the config file per list. If there is no css file it will use the toplevel stylesheet located in the root of Minimalist Manager.

4. Done

This is all that is needed. Fire up your browser and go to the site that you specified to host Minimalist Manager.

5. More information

For more information you can go to the Minimalist website.